People choose to live on Bainbridge Island and the greater North Kitsap County for many reasons, but the quality of our schools and community facilities may be the biggest influence of all. Our schools and community programs are rich with diversity and year-round opportunities for everyone's involvement and enrichment.  Whether you're looking for a private school for young children, a senior center, high school, public pools and recreation opportunities, or continuing education, its all here!
School information (scroll down for our School Search):
On Bainbridge Island, the public school system is known for its excellent scholastic achievment records and high rates of our high-school graduates going on to 4-year college. BHS alumni often say, "you can go anywhere from Bainbridge High", and its true! You'll find BHS alums everywhere from Oxford (2 of our neighbors) to UCLA, UW medical, Brown (another neighbor), Harvard, and beyond.

BHS also offers a wide range of sports and extra curricular activities to round out your child's high school experience. Recent large-scale improvements to the Bainbridge High School make it a top-class learning environment for your teen. My wife Carlee is a BHS grad (class of '97) and has many great memories of her high school experience.

3 public Elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 1 high-school provide ample space and student to teacher ratios to provide a high-quality public-education experience for all age levels. Scroll down to our school search to learn more about Bainbridge Schools.
If private school is more your style, the options abound! Choices for  young students range from Waldorf-style education with the Madrona School, to several Montessori-style schools including Voyager Montessori, and a range of other private early-learning schools such as the Island School (where my wife went as a child!). With all the choices available, one of these schools is sure to meet your exacting standards for early education.
For the tweens and teens there is Hyla Middle School on Bainbridge Island and The West Sound Academy in the Poulsbo area, both offering a top-quality private education with special focus on the arts and "progressive" education styles.
For those interested in higher education and lifelong learning opportunities, there is The Bainbridge Graduate Institute (aka "BGI"), a private graduate school located on-island, as well as Olympic College's brand-new, beautiful facility in Poulsbo. BGI offers graduate students an opportunity to continue their education with convenient on-island classes and support. BGI has a strong focus on Sustainable Business practices, a very timely and valuable realm of study for today's business-person. Olympic College offers a wide range of college-level classes that are suitable for both the full-time college sudent and for those looking to diversify or improve their job skills.
Community Information (scroll down for our Community Search)
Bainbridge offers a wealth of Community amenities and opportunities for learning and participation. Through the Parks and Recreation dept. you can sign up for any number of classes ranging from pottery to gardening, swimming classes at our gorgeous public pool facility, language classes, cooking demos and much more. This is a great way to diversify your family's education, for very little $. My wife Carlee has great memories of parks classes taken throughout her life, including pottery classes, swimming lessons, and Aikido.
Bainbridge Island is home to many non-profit organizations, created and operated by local folks looking to improve the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors. One that my wife and I are very involved with is Friends of the Farms, which works to preserve and promote agriculture and small farms on Bainbridge.  I'm a big fan of great food and we know that the best food comes from our local friends and neighbors! There are many opportunities to get involved with a cause that is near and dear to you and to help shape the future of your community.